Urgent Prayer Request: Many of you know about Evariste’s milk business which is now bringing over 400 families out of poverty in his home village.

As many of you know last year Hope for Tomorrow Global sent 10 solar powered fridges and a milk processing unit so that the business could expand and help… more people out of poverty. Since then there have been many HUGE challenges and things have now reached a critical stage. This week we heard that the unit Evariste is renting and operating from could be taken from him within 2 weeks. The owner has not been paying tax on the rent and so it can be taken from him (and therefore Evariste) by the Government unless someone buys it so the bill can be paid. Evariste has been wanting to buy it anyway, but it’s around £200,000! We need a miracle!
We have faith that this enterprise was God’s plan and we believe He will make a way for it to operate and become profitable but right now things look bleak. Please would you join us in praying for the favour of God and that somehow God would make a way for the milk business to continue to operate and expand. It’s been a battle and it’s now time to see victory! We do believe that this enterprise has a role to play in the transformation God has promised us. Thanks so much.