Our Values – Humbly Led By Gifted Leadership Teams

 Humbly led by gifted leadership teams –  Value summary

When Jesus called those disciples, the first leaders of his church, he painstakingly took three years teaching them and oft times correcting them so they knew what sort of men they were to be.

He modeled this himself; he is the Good Shepherd, the gate to the sheep pen (John 10 v7ff).  He cares and protects his flock from fierce wolves; he laid down his life for them.  His treatment of those who came to him in need was always met with grace and mercy.  He came to serve not to be served.  Several times he challenged them about their non-serving attitude (Mark 9v33ff).  He washed their feet even Judas’s who was to betray him.  Peter, he exhorted post-resurrection, feed my sheep.  He gave them authority over evil spirits, sickness and to proclaim forgiveness of sins.  It’s not surprising therefore when Paul instructs both Timothy and Titus to appoint elders (1 Tim 3v1ff, Titus 1v5ff), the qualifications are concerned with character primarily.  Jesus was the Good Shepherd, church leaders are to follow suit.