Our Values – Enthusiastically Servant – hearted

 Enthusiastically servant-hearted

We are all called to be servants who die to ourselves for the benefit of others. It’s our longing to see this fully modelled in every aspect of life.

Jesus is the greatest and most humble person who has ever walked the earth. Unlike many leaders, both today and in the ancient Near East, Jesus took the form of a servant, lowering Himself in order to lift us up, even to the point of His own death. Jesus also taught us that it’s through servanthood that true greatness is achieved. Jesus is our model of true servanthood. Therefore, true followers of Jesus are those who not only say the things Jesus said, but also do the things Jesus did. Jesus instructed us to follow his example and serve those around us, something that can only be made possible when we humble ourselves and seek to put others first.

As Regions Beyond, we believe God wants us to embrace this call to serve and give ourselves to one another. This is one of the values we hold dear.