Our Values – Empowered By The Holy Spirit

Empowered By The Holy Spirit – Value Summary

We believe in the vitality of every member being filled with the Holy Spirit and the importance of using their God-given gifts to build the church and to impact their communities

Summary Explanation:

We believe that all Christians are born again by the Spirit and indwelt by the Spirit at conversion. However, the New Testament speaks of the significance of ongoing post-conversion infillings of the Spirit to empower us to fulfil the callings God has on our lives and our churches. We do not want new Christians to be left without the fullness of the power of the Holy Spirit operating in their lives and so should seek to pray for them to be filled with the Spirit as soon as possible after we lead them to Christ.

The primary way we can discern if someone is filled with the Spirit is whether that person is evidencing the biblical signs of being Spirit-filled today. Such signs in the New Testament include boldness for witness; assurance of salvation; using spiritual gifts, such as prophecy, speaking in tongues, and signs & wonders; experiencing joy; and a desire to worship the Lord.

We desire churches where the full range of spiritual gifts we read about in the New Testament are exercised in all our gatherings, and where all people know that they are a valued member of the Body of Christ with something to contribute.