We, Regions Beyond, seek to continue the apostolic directive to remember the poor so that we all participate as co-equal partners in world mission

The Bible shows us that, although God treats all men equally, he ‘stoops down’ (Ps 113) to attend to the plight of the poor. A concern for the poor is at the very centre of who God is.  Isaiah 58:6 onwards talks about loosing chains of injustice, freeing the oppressed, sharing food with the hungry, sheltering the homeless and clothing the naked. Micah 6:8 calls for a just and merciful life. In the Psalms, God uses many words in connection with the poor that suggest they are high on his agenda. To Christ the Love of God was obviously intimately intertwined with love of neighbour and concern for the marginalised.  It was demonstrated in his compassion and grace.This foundation of care, love and support  for the poor was a motivation of the early church.

As Regions Beyond, we do not see the poor as a ‘project we do’, but rather as people to be passionately caught up in our call to the Nations. Psalm 113:7; “He lifts the needy from the ashes and seats them with the Princes”. This means we demonstrate practical care and support while giving dignity and empowering change in individuals. We value the contribution  of the poor to God’s kingdom and seek to raise them up to be all that God has called them to be. They are given a place at the table, listened to, encouraged and developed into leaders.

Their voice is significant and will shape us as continue to grow in size and impact as a family of churches

For us Jubilee Church in Hull, we are totally committed to serving alongside the most broken and vulnerable in our city. We do this through various ministries, which include simple tasks like providing hot shower facilities and laundry services.  We also are involved in running a life college, we supervise the selling of The Big Issue magazine, we provide breakfasts on workday mornings, an addiction support programme and we are a base for Food bank.  Many of those we serve a reactively involved in the church, which is our real joy!

Steve Whittington (Hull)

(Editors note;We would like to commend Steve, Dan and the Jubilee Church family for the significant offering they gave towards our Regions Beyond annual offering -such examples in word and deed!)