The summer has been very kind to Sue and I and we are ready to get on the road again so on the 14th September we head out to northwest USA to our friends and churches in Regions Beyond.

Going back a little, we enjoyed nearly 3 months with our South Africa churches in early April.  We felt it had been a profitable time as  South Africa is a place where we seem to fit in well so are looking forward to more trips.  The only sad thing was that Sue’s back had got no better.   We know many of you had been praying for her healing because for 10 months she had been suffering from a slipped disc; she could not walk far nor stand for very long.  For a very active person it was frustrating and sometimes depressing.  We had invested in private treatment before setting out to South Africa but unfortunately this had just not worked.

On return God gave us favour with two doctors.  First a new lady doctor in our practice who moved things along to get Sue treated ‘toute suite’.  Second a young NHS chronic pain consultant.  Within days we saw him and he promised he would do everything in his power to see Sue recovered.  We saw him on the 7th June and he proposed treatment under surgical conditions but could not carry that out for 8-10 weeks.  We expressed our disappointment as we were holidaying in southern France during July and had hoped Sue would be in better shape for that.  He promised to see what he could do.  Well, Sue had her treatment on the 10th June, only 3 days after our initial appointment, and within days everything had changed.  Our specialist encouraged her to do anything her body felt she could manage.  Within a week she was on the golf course again and since then I have been getting a regular hammering.  So thank you all for praying so much.  God has given us favour and Sue has found a new zest for life.  We thoroughly enjoyed our holiday in France and the wonderful August weather meant entertaining at home with friends from the UK and overseas.

So now we are hitting the road again.  Our base in the USA will be Missoula, Montana where we are holding our second Summit Conference from 22nd-25th September drawing together our Regions Beyond churches from that very large region and others who are looking in for the first time.  Steve Oliver and Trevor & Rachel Payne will be joining us and Trevor & Rachel, Sue & I will remain there until the end of October.

For Sue and I our itinerary is as follows:

14th September – leave the UK for Missoula via Seattle where we pick up a car for the duration of our stay.

15th September to 3rd October  – Missoula including the Summit Conference and preaching at Clark Fork.

3rd to 10th October – Helena, Montana

11th to 15th October – Bozeman, Montana

16th October – preaching at the Lion’s Den church, Missoula

17th to 26thSpokane (Washington State)

27th October to 1st November – back to home base at Missoula

1st November – leave Missoula to drive to Seattle

2nd November – fly home


This schedule is of course subject to adjustment as quite often there are unexpected invitations but the above is what is planned.

We do covet your prayers and should you get anything prophetic please do email us.  So many times we have received prophecies which have clarified our thinking and increased our faith.

Well that’s us for the time being.  In just over a week after our return home I’m off to Dubai for a couple of weeks, then hopefully to Scotland to visit old friends which should keep me out of mischief until Christmastime.

Lots of love,

Your friends Ray & Sue